My first blog

I’m always wondering about when would be the perfect time for me to do something. I wait for the situation to take a favorable turn, and things to fall in to place perfectly for what I’m going to do to have best effects. 

But things rarely go my way and even if they do it takes  whole lot of time for me to actually start my job.

This habit is wrong in more than 1 ways. It wastes too much time for one. Time is precious. And even though I have had a habit of spending a lot of time on little details and everything, being the perfectionist that I am, I’ve gotten used to wasting a lot longer than I should in just waiting for me to get to do something. Which is definitely wrong.

Other thing is adjustment. When things don’t go as I planned, when sudden changes are made, it makes it more difficult for me to adjust myself according to the sudden change of plans because of all that time I spent incorporating the old one into my mind.
So, even when I’ve been planning to write a blog for so long, with fascinating ideas about my first one, I never really started writing until now, when I finally decided to take that step forward quickly and a bit instinctively.

This actually is a big step for me as it’s not what I do. It’s never what I do. But I plan to make this work and allow a little space in my perfect plans for life as well.

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