That Perfect Person

A/N: This is my first proper blog ever. Please forgive me for the immature writing. I believe it is through writing more and more that I will improve my skills.


I’m 20. I’ve a long way to go, sure. But isn’t it high time I decide where exactly I want to go? This is not in relation to career or marriage or big decisions regarding life at all. Instead, it’s about all the small things that matter to me, that I think about before I go to bed. All those little regrets or sparks of fun I felt throughout the day. All the things I realized now, which I probably should have a long time ago.

So when I looked ahead, and wondered what I wanted to be, well it was quite unclear.

What now? So I thought there’s one person in everyone’s life, there might be many, but there’s surely at least one, whom we look up to, whom we admire. They may be far away and not even know you exist, or they may be close by, even sharing the same room with you. How about we become the person we admire? Too ideal? Well, who said ideal things don’t exist!

So here’s the deal, what I want to be in the future is the person I admire the most.

I picked up a pen and a paper and began jotting down all the good traits I could think of. The result of what I wrote is not a living person or not even a character which already exists; it’s a mash-up of all the qualities I like from different people, even characters. So I have it in my hand now, the person I admire the most, because she’s got all the perfect things according to me.

Now all I’ve got to do is to become that person, as fast as I can. So I head straight ahead, correcting myself in every little thing I find ‘she’ would find inappropriate and adding little details in my life that would make me feel like her.

Just to make ‘her’ feel more alive, I added one last detail. That is the time in which I’ll become her. I’ve decided it would be two years, the same as when my course ends. So that, by the time I graduate, I’ll become the person I admire most.

They say true happiness, true love lies inside. If you love yourself, respect yourself and are happy with yourself, you’ll be the same with the world and yes, the world will come to love you too. Now imagine the perfect person you wrote down about. Is it ever possible for you to hate that person? Isn’t that the person you think is perfect? Would they make the mistakes you consider wrong yourself? They won’t, because that’s how you pictured them.

Now if there is such a person you’d never hate, that you’ll respect and love forever and ever, and you know that person is going to be you… how does it feel? Good? Great? I bet it feels amazing! I felt it too. You’ll feel great about yourself, proud even when you think you’re going to be that person.

But now, don’t just stop at this feeling, what’s important is not imagining it but actually becoming it. So now, go ahead and cross the T’s and dot the I’s and head straight towards your future that you wrote by your own hands!

PS: I’ll meet the perfect you in two years! 😉

A/N: I watched a clip of Matthew McConaughey winning Best Actor at the Oscars in 2014. If you want you can check out that video on youtube. I have no copyrights to the video whatsoever but that was what inspired me to do that for myself and write this blog so I deemed it appropriate to give the necessary credits. Thank you!

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